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Alum Stone is used after shaving to soothe the skin, prevent the spread of bacteria, and reduce bleeding associated with minor cuts. It can also be used to prevent some of the more annoying side effects of shaving, such as razor burn and ingrown hairs

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Alunite, also called Alum Stone, a widespread rock-forming sulfate mineral that occupies pockets or seams in volcanic rocks such as rhyolites, trachytes, and andesites, where it presumably formed through their chemical reaction with escaping sulfurous vapours.


Alum is useful in minor bleeding cuts in any part of the body. Alum helps to control bleeding and accelerates the healing process. This is due to its Raktastambhak (hemostatic) properties.
a. Take 1-2 pinch of Alum powder.
b. Mix with coconut oil.
c. Apply on the affected area to control bleeding and for quick healing.

Wound healing
Alum helps in quick healing of the wound, decreases swelling and brings back the normal texture of the skin. This is due to its Kashaya (astringent) and Ropan (healing) properties. Alum also works on the wound by controlling bleeding because of its Raktastambhak (hemostatic) properties.
a. Take 1/4 teaspoon Alum powder.
b. Mix with water and heat it for 5-10 minutes.
c. Remove from heat and let it cool.
d. Wash the wound with this water 2-3 times a day.
e. Repeat daily for quick wound healing.

Mouth Ulcer
Mouth ulcers are also known as Mukh Pak in Ayurveda and they usually appear on the tongue, lips, inside the cheeks, inside the bottom lip or on the gums. Alum helps in quick healing of mouth ulcers. This is due to its Kashaya (astringent) and Ropan (healing) properties.
a. Take 1-2 pinch Alum powder.
b. Mix with honey as per your requirement.
c. Apply on the affected area once or twice a day.
d. Repeat daily to manage mouth ulcers.


Skine health
Alum as a skin whitener. Alum is a useful component that is used in skin tightening and whitening. Alum helps to remove dead tissue and excessive oil on the skin.
Alum is used in the preparation of topical formulations like gel or creams forms. These types of topical formulations are more effective in treating acne scars and pigmentation marks.
In saloons, Alum is used on bruises or scratches during shaving.

Oral health
Alum is used as a mouth freshener/wash in a lousy oral breath.
Alum has excellent antiseptic properties, and it kills dental bacteria, strengthens gums. Alum helps to treat dental problems like tooth decay, toothache, sore gums, cavities.

Alum is used to retain crispiness in bakery products, and thus it is used in baking.

Tightens the Vagina
Outstanding qualities in alum block can tighten up the vagina walls. But it’s unsafe to use for very long time, as it might damage vaginal tissues as well as dry them.

Combats diarrhea
Because of its drying effect, Alum root may help deal with diarrhea. Native Indians tried it to deal with stomach problems. To deal with diarrhea, drink a strong cup of tea produced from the root and be sure you refer to the instructions.

Treats dysentery
Researchers claim that Alum root might help in the management of dysentery. Only have a strong cup of tea from Alum root up until you feel better. However, don’t consume a lot more than 20 cups each day.



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