Ground Ginger 50g


Natural grown ginger without the add of preservatives made in powder. Used is seasonning of many dishes and can be added to hot drinks

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Ginger is a rhizome belonging to the same family as turmeric. Moreover, just like the latter, it is now considered a real “super food” in Europe. For good reason, it benefits from an exceptional content of nutrients and antioxidants. In the kitchen, he brings the little touch of originality that changes everything.

Characteristics of ginger
  • Strong antioxidant power;
  • Anti-inflammatory virtues;
  • Relieves digestive disorders;
  • Promotes cardiovascular health;
  • Very low calorie.
Nutritional and caloric values ​​of ginger

Ground ginger is an excellent source of manganese for women and a good source for men, as their needs for this mineral are different. Manganese acts as a cofactor for several enzymes that facilitate a dozen different metabolic processes. It also participates in the prevention of damage caused by free radicals.

Also, raw ginger is a source of copper. As a constituent of several enzymes, copper is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin and collagen (a protein used in the structure and repair of tissues) in the body. Several copper-containing enzymes also contribute to the body’s defense against free radicals.

What is a “portion” of ginger worth?


Raw ginger (root), 100 g

Raw ginger (root), 100g





1,1 g

8,98 g


3,4 g

58,3 g


1,1 g

4,24 g

Dietary fiber

2,7 g

14,1 g

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