Mint Crystals


Cristal Mints cooling sensation makes them ideal for issues of aches, pains, cramps, sprains and irritation. Are used as decongestant agent for thei r ability to promote the feeling of airwats opening up.

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Menthol Crystals are derived from the Mentha Arvensis Botanica, also known as Mint, Corn Mint, Wild Mint, and Japanese Mint. Menthol Crystals are a solid constituent of Mint Oil and have a waxy consistency. The Mint Essential Oil is derived from the Mint leaf through the process of distillation. This Mint Essential Oil is then frozen at a temperature of -22 degrees Celsius. The process of freezing the Essential Oil causes it to crystalise, forming Menthol Crystals.

As they are directly obtained from Mint Essential Oil, Menthol Crystals share the same vast benefits of the Oil. However, Menthol Crystals are extremely concentrated, and therefore only small amounts of the Crystals are needed for effective.


For Your Skin: Menthol Crystals can be added to carrier oils and applied topically to the skin to reduce dryness and itchiness. It is also effective in treating skin irritations and relieving the pain associated with sunburn.

For Your Hair: Menthol Crystals can be added to your haircare products to increase hair strength and foster faster growth.

For Your Health: Menthol Crystals are effective in treating digestive ailments and relieving symptoms such as nausea. They also have a calming property and aid in reducing stress, increasing feelings of energy and rejuvenation, and enhancing quality of sleep. Menthol Crystals can help in reducing fever by placing the crystals onto the forehead. They can also help to reduce inflammation, as well as reducing stress, anxiety and headaches.

For Your Home: Menthol Crystals act as a natural and organic insect repellent. They are also commonly used as a non-toxic air freshener and linen and/or room spray.