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Nkui is a traditional dish from the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon. It is sticky sauce made with the bark of a plant called Triumfetta Pentandra.

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Nkui is a traditional dish from western Cameroon, prepared for the birth of a child and served to the mother. It’s a sticky sauce made from the bark of a plant called Triumfetta pentandra. During preparation, the Nkui is refined with various local spices: Ngachu’u, Lepka’ah, Diepse’eh, Teas, the bark of Lep, Susieu, the fruits of Lep.

The Nkui is said to make the mother’s bosom rich in abundance and facilitate her flow. This dish is traditionally known for its effects on digestion (laxatives). It would also stimulate appetite, stimulate galactorrhea and also treat malaria and colic.

Served with couscous corn, we eat the Nkui from the hand. In fact, the sauce is so sticky that no utensil can catch it.


A regular consumption of “Nkui” may have health benefits on cardiovascular system and osteoporosis, major health issues associated with menopause

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